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Zayyanid dynasty

 Sultan Ighemrassen was the first to promote a cultural and educational movement in Tlemcen. He was eager to attract intellectuals to his capital and encouraged them to teach and write after their ranks had been raised. He also spent money and offered them presents. Thus establishing in the capital of Tlemcen during his reign, the scholar Sheikh Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin Khalaf Al-Tansi, the finest scholar of his day, and his brother Abu Al-Hassan.

    Ibn Marzouq described Abu Hasan's interest in hadith and biography books, his proximity to experts, their sitting with him, and his attendance at scientific councils as follows: “Abu Hassan, was one of the kindest people and most knowledgeable and seeking knowledge. He gathered and met with most scholars, and made sure to  welcome them in Tlemcen”

    In the year 754 AH / 1343 AD, his son Abou Anan followed in his father's footsteps and built another school in Tlemcen, to the west of the grave of the righteous wali, Abou Abdellah alhelwi.

    Sultan Abu Hamu Musa II, the Zayyanid Dynasty's rebirth, was also a renowned supporter of science and literature. Especially since he used to donate poetry and care about his family, and he left us a book of enormous political importance called "The Wasat of Conduct in the Politics of Kings."



Map of the Zayyanid Dynasty


Castle of “Mash’our” HQ of the Zayyanid Dynasty