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Mohamed ben Moustafa khouja

Mohamed ben Moustafa Khouja studied under the hand of sheik Mohamed Ibn Said ibn Zakari   who was considered as one of the advocates of  reforms in the education system and one of the conservative elite. Ibn khouja was against heresies and saw that adhering to Islam is enough to save Algerians from the western civilization. However this does not mean that Ibn khouja was not open minded, his vision was just rational regarding the issues of that time he devoted his life to serving Islam and the country.

He was one of the believers in adopting the  ideas of eastern reformist through which the community could reform .Mohamed Abdou was one of his students ,he was interested in everything that was issued from the eastern from newspapers and magazines like el Mouaid and Misbah Echarq, el Mannar other articles arriving Algeria, these ideas were his reformative work and the base he depended on.

He wrote his book “establishing great evidences on denying religious extremism in Islam”. He explained through it on the necessity to let go of the ossified mentality and stagnation spreading In the community ,he called the reformist to play their role in the society as reforms  through going back to the values and Islamic teachings and to delete all superficial  and innovative ideas  that has nothing to do with the origins.

Ben khouja was one of the firsts who preached  to reform  the affairs of Algerian women and to release her from ignorance within the limits set  by the religion, he wrote a book named “ paying attentions for female’s rights) convincing Algerians to change their hostile  behavior to women and release them  from ignorance.

He treated the subject of women in his book based on koranic verses and hadiths (prophets saying) showing the position of women in Islam .Ibn khouja wrote “all inclusive in the rules of ornament and dress and hijab” and through it he fought heresies and superstition and false beliefs common between people, he showed its negative impact on the society and explained the women’s issue.

He blamed Algerians for their insufficient consideration in the matter of religion they started to be reluctant on going to non-Muslim doctors because they were infidels he demonstrated it through  a letter He wrote it especially for this purpose called “Tanweer El Adhan”  He tried through his letter in which he adopted Koranic evidences and hadith demanding from the people to abandon these habits that has nothing to do with Islamic instructions and also  called to benefit from the services of non-Muslim doctors. We can say that Ibn khouja had a great influence in the reform movement in Algeria.

Ibn khouja contributed to the movement of historical reforms. By placing the work of Abdelrahman Thaalbi in Muslim hands in Algeria and all Africa. He shared Thaalbi‘s works in a dictionary published in Algeria 1910 in the Thaalibia printer .