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Mohamed ibn Abi shnab

He is one of the modern cultural faces in Algeria He was leading in entering official school and the literature faculty in Algiers. His  academic life had  a great role in expanding his  knowledge and culture and mastering some foreign languages made  his knowledge increase  more .

He was interested in teaching, held several positions and devoted his life to serving Arabic languages and its literature He got a diploma in Arabic from the University of Algiers. He graduated during practicing teaching from el Katania School in Constantine in 1898 succeeding professor Medjaoui then in Thaalibia school in 1901, He taught in the University of Algiers and got promoted as a lecturer 1908.He then got doctorate his degree in 1920 . Along with his works in the educational field we find his works in composition and reforms domain.

He has dusted off the Arabic Algerian culture  and focused on publishing a  number of writings defending the role of scholars who were prominent in Algeria and Arab countries in the Islamic culture , he also have  published books about trips made by Algerian  scholars inside and outside the country .He also released and published some ancient literary  writing , among what he published in the movement of historical heritage  we find books in which he tried to highlight the role of both tlemcen bejaia in the history of Islamic culture or the contribution of Algeria in the history of Islamic culture .

He published a big number of Algerian and Moroccan scholars translated books. The aim of his work was to face the French attack on Algerian history, who claimed that Algeria did not exist and had no history and no civilization . The aim of his work was to convince French people with the civilization and the Algerian contribution to it. In addition to his works in the movement of historical  reforms  In which he participated  with  number of scholars and reformists in it  We find him making some researches about history like a research about the history of Andalusia like Sicilia and Maghreb  He contributed through it in gathering and writing 64 translations to different Andalusian  and north African  scholars.