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Cheik Said Ben Zakari

Heis considered as one of mashaikh (scholars) in whose hands got educated and formed the cultured elite, he was exceptional, a reciter of al hadith, imam in jurisprudence fiqh and monotheism science on the Maliki school, he worked throughout his life on education, guidance and did fatwa rhetoric.  People were still cheering on his merits until recently .And as a result of his long experience in the education domain as well as his great experience he tried to introduce reforms in programs of traditional educational institutions called zawaya . He published a book for that called (clearest evidence on the necessity of zawaya in the kabail region) . He showed the flaws and shortcomings of education in the zawaya of the region he excelled in his writings to give the corresponding improvements to apply on this education so that it will correspond and be compatible with the methods of the modern education.