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Abdel Halim Ben Samaia

He was one of the intellectuals who devoted their lives to  serve science and education, he began his life full of activities as a teacher ,shared his thoughts with  his students like other reformist   teachers in the period (Abdel Kader Medjaoui)  Medjaoui had  a clear influence on him Ibn Soumaya did not dig deeply in the problems of education to establish  educational theories and  propose modifications for the school programs like professor Medjaoui did,  He  simply  described the bad  educational situation and showed in a rational style the value of science and its necessity for humans ,He was not limited in the field of education in  his activity but he went beyond it in writing as did his contemporaries so he stood out  when he wrote Islamic philosophy since he was influenced by Sheik Mohammed Abdou he was one of  his companions during his stay when he visited Algeria .

He was one of those who recommended sheikh Mohamed Abdou to not mention France badly in the magazine Manar, so that the colonial authorities wouldn’t shut down light for this magazine which was considered as one of the messengers of the eastern reforms to the north African.  The trips he had  to Egypt and Istanbul had an impact in shaping the idea of the Islamic university that made the  traditional schools struggle  .he became one of the north African  reform scholars who exchanged letters with Mohamed abdou who considered him as one of the major bases in sharing  the Salafi reform trend with his Algerian brothers due to  all the qualities he discovered in him when he visited Algeria  sheikh Mohamed Abdou mentioned during his correspondence  with Ibn Soumaya “ if you  revealed to yourself what you revealed to me you would have known what god blessed you with reason and discipline you would know that you’ll  be taking your nation  With god’s will to the path of guidance” .